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The Department of Urology Modern Hospital offers a wide range of services for urological diseases. The Consultants in the department are highly qualified and experienced in the latest techniques in the field including LASER surgery and minimally invasive technique that enable a patient to return to their normal activity much quicker as compared to conventional techniques. The department is supported by lab and diagnostic services such as radiology, pathology, microbiology and other laboratory services. The hospital is equipped with modern facilities and the latest equipment to treat all urological disorders. This enables the team to provide comprehensive uro-oncology, reconstructive urology and pediatric urology services. They also provide andrology services like penile implants and male infertility treatment. The urology department offers round the clock emergency services for urinary obstruction, infection, urological trauma and other emergencies.

Treatment and Procedures

  1. Female urological procedure like VVF (Vesico Vaginal Fistula), UVF (Uretero Vaginal Fistula),RVF (Recto Vaginal Fistula) and TVT (Tension free Vaginal Tape) or TOT (Trans Obturator Tape)
  2. Pediatric urology
  3. Reconstructive urology like urethroplasty and pyeloplasty
  4. Andrology procedure like testicular biopsy (percutaneous and open), microsurgical varicocelectomy, vaso-vasostomy (Vasectomy reversal) and treatment of erectile dysfunction
  5. Male sexual health service
  6. Neuro-urology procedures like uroflowmetry and urodynamic study
  7. PCNL (Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy Surgery)
  8. URS (Ureterorenoscopy)
  9. Flexible URS with Laser Lithotripsy (RIRS-Retrograde Intra Renal Surgery)
  10. Laparoscopic stone removal
  11. Transurethral crushing of the bladder stone
  12. Laser Prostatectomy: HoLEP-LASER –for nucleation
  13. of prostatic lobes
  14. Conventional and bipolar TURP (Trans Urethral Resection of the prostate)
  15. Laparoscopic radical prostatectomy
  16. Trans Rectal Ultrasonography (TRUS)