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Modern Hospital Charities has an Blood Bank( Blood Centre) located at the First floor in E Block and the only blood bank in an around Kodungallur. It is highly beneficial for Hospitals and people from the coastal area. We provides round the clock blood services with the help of a dedicated team of Doctors, Nurses, technologists and counsellors. The blood bank is licensed by the Food & Drug administration (FDA) .The blood centre is a member of the Kerala State Blood Transfusion Council (KSBTC & KSACS)

The Transfusion Medicine Department includes

Blood Donation Centre: The department has a blood and blood donation centre which collects blood from 100% voluntary non-remunerated donors. The centre also provides pre and post donation counselling services with the help of trained counsellors. The blood donation service is available from 9.00am to 6.00pm on all weekdays.

Immunohematology Lab:

Blood Donation Centre: is a reference testing laboratory and performs specialized immunohematology tests. Fully automated systems such as the Autovue is used to perform ABO & Rh blood grouping, Cross matching, Screening & Identification of antibodies, Phenotyping and other tests to resolve red cell discrepancies. This technology has helped to reduce turnaround time of blood issue significantly. The team of trained doctors and technologists provide fast, reliable and accurate results to save patient lives.

TTI Testing Lab: The lab for transfusion transmitted infectious disease testing of donated blood, is equipped with fully automated and sensitive analyzers that screen blood for antibodies to HIV1 & 2 , Hepatitis B core, Hepatitis C virus and Hepatitis B surface antigen. Additional tests are performed to screen blood for Syphilis & Malarial parasite using high quality and sensitive reagents.

The department functions round the clock to ensure the quality and safety of blood and blood products to all patients.

Blood Donation Can Save Lives...

  1. Blood Is A ‘Gift Of Life’ That A Healthy Individual Can Safely Give To Those In Need
  2. Blood Cannot Be Manufactured
  3. Only Human Blood Can Be Used For Transfusion To Human Beings
  4. Blood Donation Requires Only 15 Minutes Of Your Time
  5. Your Body Contains 5 Litres Of Blood, Of Which You Donate Only 350-450ml
  6. Your Blood Volume Gets Replenished Within 24 - 48 Hours
  7. By Donating One Unit Of Blood You Can Save Not Just One But 3 Lives
  8. Blood Transfusions Are Frequently Required For Patients With Various Conditions Like Anemia, Thalassemia, Haemophilia, Leukaemia, Malignancies, Organ Transplant Patients, Accident Victims, Major Surgeries, Premature Babies And Many More.