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We aim at providing the highest quality of medical care to patients. We are equipped with the most modern Cardiac Catheterisation Lab - Koroskope C which ensures detailed study of chambers, valves, coronary arteries and blood flow details.

Services Provided Include

  1. 24-hour Primary Angioplasty
  2. Elective Angioplasty
  3. Temporary-Pacemaker Insertion
  4. Permanent Pacemaker insertion
  5. 24 hour Holter monitoring
  6. Colour Doppler study of the heart
  7. 2D Echocardiogram
  8. Stress echocardiogram
  9. ECG (electrocardiogram)
  10. Chest X-Ray
  11. Evaluation of Cardiovascular diseases, Vascular medicine, and Pulmonary medicine
  12. Exercise Electrocardiography or Stress Tests (TMT)
  13. Lipid management
  14. Pharmacological arrhythmia therapy
  15. Outpatient care, Inpatient services, Cardiac critical care services
  16. Palliative care
  17. Preventive Cardiology



Dr. Sudheer M D

(MBBS, MD(Med), DM(Cardio))